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Packed-Plunger Heads (NEXA Series)


Water / Seawater Pumps

Nexa’s exceptional build quality enables stable dosing even under extreme operating pressures and 

temperatures, from wellhead chemical injection in oil and gas applications to pyrophoric liquids handling in 

chemical compounds manufacturing.

Designed to meet API 675 3rd edition standard, compliant to ATEX2014/34/EU, TR CU 004-010-020-

012/2011 and alignable with Shell DEP (various), Norsok M-501 & M-630, NACE 0175 specifications, Nexa 

can be safely operated in hazardous processes, reassuring operators of the pump’s suitability regardless of 

the application.

A trustworthy solution for applications requiring the highest levels of operational accuracy and reliability. 

Sealed design for metering hazardous fluids such as toxic or corrosive solutions

  • Pressure: up to 650 for packed plunger 

  • Flow rate: up to 10,000 l/h with a single head 

  • Fluid temperature: from -20°C to 90°C (from -40°C to  150°C on request) 

  • Wetted parts: SS 316L, PP, PVDF and PTFE (exotic  alloys available on request) 

  • Available in 7 sizes (N0 through N6) with different  max stroke length and thrusts

Packed-Plunger Heads (NEXA Series)


  • Wax inhibitors, pour point depressants, asphaltene inhibitors, scale inhibitors injection to prevent equipment blockage 

  • Corrosion inhibitors, oxygen scavanger, biocides, demulsifiers, foam inhibitors metering to extend the lifetime of pipelines and process equipment 

  • Dosing of antifoams, de-oilers, demulsifiers, nitrate inhibitors, sodium hypochlorite to eliminate the water-bearing formations of crude oil and natural gas 

  • Methanol, MEG/TEG injection to remove control the hydrates formation to prevent clogging and choking in flow lines 

  • Drag-reducing agents and polymers metering to reduce the downhole pressure loss during the fluid pumping 

  • Metering of nitric acid and ammonia for the production of nitrogenous fertilizers 

  • Injection of sulphuric acid for the production of phosphorous fertilizer 

  • Urea production 

  • Multi-compound fertilizers production 

  • Antioxidants for plastic processing where weathering resistance is needed 

  • Colourants for coloured plastic parts 

  • Foaming agents for expanded polystyrene and polyurethane 

  • Lubricants injection to avoid plastic sticking to the mould 

  • Antimicrobials injection to provide a biocide treatment to control germs or fungi 

  • Caustic soda, organic sulphur injection to reduce refinery column-overhead hydrochloric acid corrosion 

  • Sour water for stripper column 

  • Organic chloride, dimethyl disulfide, ammonia, antifoam, odorizing agents, for crude oil separation and conversion for further use 

  • Wash water and condensate disposal and transfer 

  • Pyrophoric liquids for chemicals production 

  • Phosphate dosing to prevent scale formation in boiler tubes 

  • Oxygen scavenger to prevent corrosion 

  • Amine dosing to neutralize the carbonic acid present in the condensate 

  • pH control through ammonia injection 

  • Biocide for bacteria prevention in boilers tubes 

  • Fatty acid production and processing for cosmetics, lotions and softeners production 

  • Conversion of fatty acid to biodiesel 

  • Glycerine processing for concentrated flavour extracts, texture improver and emulsifiers 

  • Liquid flavourings and fragrances 

  • Icing and syrups 

  • Thickening agent and foam stabilizer 

  • Cleaning and disinfection of fruit and vegetables 

  • Protection additives against the botulism bacterium


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