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BCU Other Products

VS0 - Submersible Grinder Pump
Twin Screw Auger Feeder
Horizontal/ Inclined Shaftless Screw Conveyor
In-line/ Block Design Macerator
Open Channel Grinder
Volute Casing Cutter Impeller Compact Waste Water Pump
In-line / Open Channel Grinder
Multi-stage radial blower with up to four different vacuum levels
Single-stage radial blower with integral automatic performance control
Storage Silo
Sliding Frame
Airport Runway Cleaner
Overview Road Surface Retexturing Truck
Road Sweeper Truck
Road Marking Removal Truck
Twin Screw Auger Feeder Pump

VS0 - Submersible Grinder Pump

Capacity Up to 21 m³/h

Head up to 71 m


Casing _ cats Iron
Impeller - Cast Iron

Rotor Shaft - Stainless Steel

BCU offers much more than industrial pumps. We also have pump accessories and other machinery that supports pump application such as conveyor belt, macerators/grinders, and pump mounted truck.

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