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BCU is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018 certified. BCU business partners can have strong confidence that they are getting products that are safe, reliable, and of high quality. 

ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018

Our accreditation is limited to those activities described on our UKAS schedule of accreditation found here.

ISO 9001

Provide confidence in the BCU's ability to consistently provide customers with conforming good and services as well as enhance customer satisfaction.


ISO 14001

Proactive and commitment from all levels of BCU to the social expectation for sustainable development, transparency, and accountability through a systematic approach to the environmental management system.


ISO 45001 (formerly OHSAS 18001)

Used to eliminate or minimize risks to personnel and other interested parties who could be exposed to Occupational Health and Safety hazards associated with its activities included implement, maintain and continually improve an Occupational Health & Safety management system.

Sertifikat ISO 9001-2015 sd 10 Feb22
Sertifikat ISO 14001_2015 sD 2022
Sertifikat ISO 45001 versi 2018 sd 2022.
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Domestic Competence Level (TKDN)

TKDN is the percentage of component made locally in Indonesia. It is mandatory by Indonesian law for manufacturers to use local component, product, and service to manufacture their product, for the purposes:

  • strengthen industry sub sector and technology mastery boost efficiency;

  • prepare human capital as well as more competence, productive and adaptable;

  • encourage use of competitiveness domestic products and reduce import


Technician Certificates

Certificate fo Expertise

In accordance with UUD No. 18 year 1999 about Construction Service and Government regulation No. 28 year 2000 which was amended with Government regulation No. 4 year 2010 and No.92 year 2010, Construction Service Development Institute releases certificates that acknowledges BCU employees expertise to perform construction service in the whole region of Indonesia 


Welding Certificate

There are many types of welding based on the welder position and the weld angle. Each type of welding must be handled by welder with the right qualification according to the certification. BCU employs technicians with superb welding capability as certified by Direktorat Jendral Minyak & Gas Bumi (Dirjen Migas) and Direktorat Jenderal Energi Baru Terbarukan & Konservasi Energi (Dirjen EBTKE).

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Confined Space Entry Certificate

UUD No. 22 year 2001 about oil and gas articles 39 and 40 says that oil and gas companies must guarantee standards and quality. UUD No. 13 year 2003 concerning labor and PP. 23 of 2004 concerning the National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP), it is necessary to carry out a work competency certification that refers to the SKKNI which has been required through the ESDM Ministerial Regulation No. 20 of 2008. The certification is released by TUK (Competency Test Place) from LSP that has received a license certificate from BNSP.

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Basic Offshore Safety Induction Emergency Training

BOSIET for short, Includes helicopter survival, emergency first aid, sea survival, fire fighting, self rescue and TEMPSC (lifeboat) training.

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