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We strive to be a competent partner for our customers, satisfy their requirement, solve their problem and provide best service. Supported by the reputable world leading manufacturers of heavy-duty pump, compressors, high pressure equipment and system package, we feel confident to perform our objective.Our dedicated personal will commit to their task for supporting the customers to get the optimum value from our product and service. With the satisfaction of our customers we maintain our growth and honor the esteemed loyalty of our people.


BCU's capabilities includes Research and Development Activities, Fabrication Activities, and Technical Service Abilities.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Mobile Monitoring System

Base Plate Fabrication

Control panel Fabrication

Pump Part Production

Piping Fabrication

Bulkhead Seal Fabrication

Fire Monitor Fabrication

Pressure Vessel/ Boiler Fabrication

General Arrangement Drawing

Shop Drawing

Electrical Control System Design

Output/ Failure Analysis

Capabilities 1



Reverse Engineering




Site Supervision

Commissioning and Start Up

Site Inspection Service

Site Survey

Site Training

Customer System Analysis

Basic Pump Knowledge

Operation and Maintenance

Pumping System Training

System Demonstration

System Operator Training

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