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Airport Runway Cleaner


Water / Seawater Pumps

  • Lowest water consumption, lowest operating and follow-up costs worldwide

  • The only supplier with up to 11 optional extras on all vehicles

  • Highest hourly output

  • Maximum cleaning performance

  • No surface damage due to self-monitoring, intelligent control system

  • Centralized control via 12″ color touchscreen

  • Gentle surface treatment with fastest working speed and easiest operation

  • No use of chemicals or abrasive additives

  • Attractive and user-friendly hi-tech compact design

  • Environmental and resource-saving ultra-high-pressure hydropower technology

  • 4 years warranty on superstructure

  • 10 years warranty against rusting or deformation of the tanks

  • Vehicles work permanently reliably even at temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius

  • Worldwide partner network in more than 50 countries

  • Individual equipment – flexible realization through large production network

Working width from 1 m up to 2.4 m

Average performance from 1.2 m² up to 2.8 m²

Tank volume from 13  m³ up to 17  m³

Capacity from 1.75 m³/h up to 3.72 m³/h

Pressure from 2,500 up to 3,000 bar

Possible option from 7 up to 11

Airport Runway Cleaner



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