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Hydraulic Double-Diaphragm Heads (NEXA Series)


Water / Seawater Pumps

A trustworthy solution for applications requiring the highest levels of operational accuracy and reliability. The features include:

  • Hydraulic oil-operated diaphragms

  • Double oil for hydraulics and mechanism lubrication ensuring 100% chemical tightness and operational safety for higher reliability, dosing accuracy and application flexibility

  • Preformed PTFE diaphragms as standard, for an excellent chemical compatibility and increased compactness allowing an outstanding level of efficiency

  • Sealed design for metering hazardous fluids such as toxic or corrosive solutions and protection against external contamination

  • Mechanical replenishment system maintains a constant level of the hydraulic fluid, thereby guaranteeing maximum precision and repeatability and enabling diaphragms deformation control for extended life

  • Standard wetted parts include 316L stainless steel, PP and PVDF, with other materials available upon request

Hydraulic Double-Diaphragm Heads (NEXA Series)


Ammonia Pump

Cement Pump

Waste Water Treatment

Chemical Pump

Acid Pump

Seawater Desalinization Pump

Metering Pump


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