Medium Pressure Triple Screw Pump


Water / Seawater Pumps

Capacity Up to 5,300 m³/h

Pressure up to 120 bar

Temperature up to 250°C

Casing - Grey Cast Iron, Cast Iron, Silafont

Spindle - Nitride Steel

Medium Pressure Triple Screw Pump


Oil Firing Engineering

Cooling Lubricant Circulation

Booster Pump

Injection Pump

Visbreaking Pump

Separating Feed Pump

Slope Oil Pump

Burner Feed Pump

Offshore Mooring Pump

Servo Pump

Turbo Expander Pump

Asphalt/Bitumen Pump

Vacuum Distillation Pump

Condensate Pump

Drug Reducing Agent Pump

General Service Pump

Transfer Pump

Pressure Elevating Pump

Pipeline Pump

Purge Water Pump for Gas Turbines

Crude Oil Gathering Pump

Burner Operation Pump

Water Injection Pump

Sealing Oil Pump for Turbo Generator

Fuel Pump

Lube Oil Circulation Pump

Crosshead Lube Oil Pump

Control Oil Pump

Purge Water Pump

Fuel Injection Pump

Fuel Unloading Pump

Fuel Transfer Pump

Lube Oil Pump

Heavy Oil Feeder for Pump Separator


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